About Us

MNLC was conceived in 2008. Located in Oslo, Norway, we have since been involved in many security situations. Our primary product is intelligence, but we also deliver security consulting and other services.

Our objective is to be on the forefront in a niche market within the security trade. Our competitive advantage is that there’s very few companies who deliver the same products and services as us.

Some examples of our work are:

  • Find information for security (gather intelligence):

Provide information which is relevant for security. If the customer has a security issue, we will gather information that will cover his security needs.

  • Recommendations for strategy:

Consultancy for practical security solutions. In conjunction with intelligence, we consult about security measures for the customer.

  • Standard guard operations:

Guard work.

  • Conflict resolution:

Peace mediation for the customer, in case of a dispute.

For example: The customer has a dispute and we can mediate to resolve the conflict.

  • Courier services:

Deliver an item safely for the customer.

For example: The customer wants something important delivered to a place.

  • Location services:

Locate some person or place for the customer.

For example: Based on loose information, we can locate a person or place somewhere.