Military Intelligence

9/11 WTC

9/11 was for Tibet. It’s a punishment for USA’s apologetics toward China’s world imperialism. 9/11 was done by Lux Aeterna and sponsored by Osama “The Sheikh” Bin Laden.

The Sheikh

Lux Aeterna is a “non-existent” professional military organisation who creates invisible political power via sabotage. They deploy criminal methods and dirty weapons in order to reach their goals. They have members from anywhere and all are apostates of their homelands.

This is an entirely fictional illustration of Lux Aeterna’s mentality. It’s their emblem and war cry:

Victory Is Death

Their support is a small 5th colony, dubbed: “The 9/11 People”. It’s called a 5th colony, because their activities morph into a fifth state power. Some of them do it voluntarily, some of them because they are so scared and some are forced. The 9/11 executioners had inside help from the 5th colony and the aeroplanes were rigged with Uranium bombs. The suicide pilots were slaves and were paid a lot of money to support their families. Al-Qaida are innocent of 9/11.

The destruction of the gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea in 2022 might have been done by Lux Aeterna. It’s a typical example of their work. They have resources, though they don’t seem to act often. The pipeline was a perfect target for them.