The religious cult of Psychiatry

About their beliefs: They think they have power, but they have none. They think that they know best. They think they are heroes, but they are actually cowards. They believe they are “perfect”. They are so perfect in everything they do, so they will never admit an error. Maybe they believe in something, but nothing is sacred to them. Therefore, their bible is the book DSM-5, which has hundreds of pages of mental illnesses.

The mental hospital is the real “hell on earth”, like a place of suffering. They have “agents”, who are fake patients who gather information about the other patients and report it to the personnel. The personnel needs only high school education, but they are allowed to use violence against the patients.

Raid At The Mental Hospital 2019
This was filmed during very special circumstances. The great white light outside the window is the French Foreign Legion.

The religious cult of Psychiatry is part of the International Health System, which was infiltrated by them during the 1950’s. The ICD-10 by the World Health Organisation is legal, but the American Psychiatric Association wants to enforce the DSM-5 worldwide.