The Human Chip

The Human Chip

“Slave Lord” is the code name for the human chip. This name was in order to illustrate the potential for abuse. The chip was more problematic than the inventors had foreseen and it started a reaction that could have led to a new slave period. The chip providers honestly believe that the chip is healthy, so they are able to convince people to accept it. It was meant as protection for the Christians, thereby making Christian slaves.

The famous Verichip is a decoy product. The real chip is metallic and not plastic. The coverup company Novartis was the chip maker and they are part of “The Pharma Market” – a nickname for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharma Market
  • To be implanted with the chip, can be compared to a “nosejob” lobotomy surgery
  • Animals who are chipped, become annoyed and depressed
Chip Implanted Animal
  • The Military doesn’t approve of the chip, because the enemy can home in on it
  • Side-effects from the chip can be removed by psychic force

The Chip Disabler

This method might clear your head if you’re implanted with the human chip. If a bad feeling enters your soul, say the following phrases inside the mind, but not out loud. Repeat the sequence till your mood becomes better:

“We are nothing
They don’t exist
They are nothing
We don’t exist
There’s not anything
I don’t exist
I am something
You are nothing
I am something
You don’t exist”

Slave Lord has no race or nationality. He’s like an alien animal from outer space, but in human form. He died in 2008, meaning that the chip is no longer possible.