Security Of Information

The security of information is important. Sometimes, information can lead to security. Armed with the knowledge, you are prepared to meet new challenges. The information makes you aware of security risks. You will be better equipped to face the security situation.

Intelligence 5

We have good intelligence on our website. The intelligence is varied and covers different areas of interest. It can be used to understand more about the subjects. What matters is that the intelligence is straight forward and direct about what it covers.


Our website is for those who are especially interested. Our information is for public use and can be used by anyone. We hope it’s useful for you.

Intelligence 4

Who needs intelligence? Intelligence could be used for many purposes. To gain insight into security situations and to get an overview of the security landscape, not to mention for analytic interest. Governments, private companies, or individuals could use our intelligence for their security needs. All people who need intelligence in their lives could benefit from our work.


We believe in our business idea. We have good products and services. We believe that it’s possible to earn honest money from a company like ours. There’s many people who could use us for their security needs. We’re currently looking for investors who want to be part of a good security idea.

Security Manual

Our security manual is now 52 pages. It is written by security professionals to build the company. It serves as an introduction to security work and has many good points about this kind of work. We are proud to present it to the world.

Intelligence 3

Intelligence is our first and foremost priority. Whether it’s about an article or a video, the quality of the intelligence is the most important. When we gather, we use whatever means we have to capture the information precisely. Our methods are there to form a gathering experience that collects the most intelligence possible. When we’re on an intelligence mission, we make sure to use our methods thoroughly, in order to present the best intelligence we can provide.


We have had success with our company. Many people come to our website. We have delivered useful information. We were one of the first to report about the enemy in Ghana. Our intel has been used to create security measures in Oslo, Norway.